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Guest Blogger – Alex Watkins – Community Development

Hey there! Welcome to the Shawnee Tips & Tricks page for our upcoming Shawnee Sasquatch Festival to be held on October 2nd, 2021! In my role with the City of Harrisburg, I can be behind the scenes and see our events go off for our community! We’ve been working in overdrive to see this Festival come to life!

When asked to write a guest blog for the webpage, I wasn’t quite sure what to cover, but quickly found my footing. My love of community and the opportunities here.

Having lived and worked in the commUNITY my entire life, I’ve been able to see the INCREDIBLE people that are right HERE in Harrisburg! From business owners all the way to our AMAZING teaching staff at Harrisburg Unit 3 School District. We truly have that Southern, Small Town, atmosphere that most towns only dream of. That’s why the creation of this “Small Town” festival seems like the PERFECT fit!

What are my three top recommendations to take in when visiting the community? Three must HAVES that are personal favorites of mine [although, all establishments and experiences are just as great!].

1. Steam Café – You HAVE to check out our neighborhood coffee shop right in the HEART of Downtown and checkout their Sasquatch Latte’…you won’t be disappointed!

2. Garden of the Gods Viewing Area – whether your first time visiting…or your hundredth, there is never a moment that checking out Camel Rock leaves viewers disappointed.

3. Enjoy the Culture – Over the years the culture of our community has changed and evolved, but I am proud to say that Local Support and Cohesion is skyrocketing in our commUNITY! Take a moment, chat with folks from HERE in Harrisburg.

No matter where you stop in and see what’s new while here in “The ‘Burg,” will lead to a great time. From local favorites like Mackies, Morellos, The Hills, BBQ Barn, Tequilas, Steam Café, SI Axe & Ale and sooo much more – there is always a place for YOU right #HereInHBG.

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